Triberr helps bloggers with "Tribeup NYC"

Tribber decided to show its full support on bloggers and their power with the announcement of an event in New York.

"Tribeup NYC" will take place on September 22nd and it will be a great chance for every blogger that attends to meet other bloggers, network, listen to interesting speakers and gain valuable experienecs.

Tribber wrote in a blog post:

For bloggers to succeed, there needs to be an industry capable of supporting them. To have an industry you need a market, and to have a market you need a product or service people will pay for.

The problem is that bloggers, as a whole, haven't figured out how to convert content, knowledge and influence into a product and service people will pay for.
 And they add:
A jam-packed day of seminars, discussions, and networking, focused on how bloggers can convert their content, knowledge, and influence, into a product people will pay for.

We have invited world renowned thought leaders to share how they have risen to the top, and what needs to be done to make that path available to others. 

(More info here)

Since I am quite far to attend, I decided to promote it. To anyone that attends, enjoy and let us know of everything!


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