Social Media Predictions for 2014 (survey)

Image Source: Sofiaperesoa
What does the future hold for social media? How will social media management change during the next 12 months?

In the era of fast and constant changes, 12 months seem like a big period to be predicted. However, if you have studied 2013 in more detail when it comes to social networks and their performance, you can make at least a few initial predictions on the changes to expect.

Facebook algorithm update: do we see what we really like?

Facebook has announced during the week an update to their algorithm that defines what is shown on our News Feed. According to their press release, their new focus is on high-quality content, leaving behind photo memes, and call to action posts.

Many of us were confused with these recent changes, since it’s not clear yet why Facebook decided to focus on the quality of the news sources. However, since we’re playing with their rules, we should become familiar with the update, in order to maintain a good Facebook presence.

Thus, as of now, Facebook will ‘promote’ articles from reputable sources on the News Feed, while it will slightly ‘ignore’ photo memes and low quality content.

And here comes the question: “How do you define quality?”