Social Media Success Summit 2013: the largest online social media conference!

I just read about the annual "Social Media Success Summit" and I must confess that I'm already anticipating for it!

It's not that easy to attend big social media events throughout the world, and such a big and online event, with so many experts in one conference, seems like an ideal case to improve our digital knowledge.

  • 2400 marketers attended last year, including thousands of small businesses and marketers
  • 67% of our social media instructors are published social media book authors!  These are the leading experts in the world.

Does Facebook Graph Search change the way we choose?

Graph Search is a new feature that was introduced by Facebook as a way to take the searching to a new level, allowing us to search anything we want in a much easier way. That's the good side of the new service. But since nothing is heavenly sent, there is always another side to examine.

When I first tried Graph Search, I was happy that Facebook seemed to make a present to the marketers, allowing them to have a clearer view on their target audience. However, it was only yesterday when I just clicked on the search box and noticed this pop-up below:

Chrome's multiple users: the secret weapon for every social media manager!

Chrome has finally found a way to turn me into a loyal user of their popular browser. It might not be a new discovery, but I was impressed lately with the ability to add multiple users.

I must admit that I was always a Firefox user, with an occasional use of Chrome. However, I always had the problem with the numerous accounts I was handling for my clients, looking for a way to organize them, without logging out each and every time. I tried to install several browsers, but by the time I was obliged to use Internet Explorer for my every day use, I knew that I had to find a more functional way. Then I read about the managing of multiple users on Google Chrome, which allows you to create as many users as you want, add their log in details and simply switch from one another, without losing any passwords, tabs, favorites, or bookmarks. Hence, it's like your having numerous browsers all in one, with all the plugins that Chrome supports anyway. This was like gift!

Facebook displays related hashtags

Facebook seems to invest on the use of hashtags and they seem to improve their usefulness day by day, making the lives of social media managers easier.

I was searching for a hashtag yesterday when I noticed that on top of the page there were suggestions for similar tags to the one I was searching. This means that when you're monitoring a specific hashtag you can find useful suggestions with a targeted content for your needs. This is a time-saving feature for social media managers that might want to search for several hashtags, in order to decide which one they should keep for each brand.

Have you used hashtags on Facebook? Do you find them useful?