What's really (left) on your mind?

Facebook is asking you every day "what's on your mind", while Google is always there for you, for everything that is not on your mind. After the constant use of both of them, you can't help but wonder, what's really left on your mind nowadays?

Facebook, Google and the Internet in general, have signficantly affected the way we think, and the way our mind works. When Facebook is asking 'what's on your mind', we feel an urge to answer, which leads to a brand new status update.

Facebook: Are you the customer or the product?

'If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you are the product being sold.' -- Andrew Lewis, under the alias Blue_beetle, on the site MetaFilter

 In the era of social media, we all enjoy using social networks for personal or professional reasons. Facebook seems like the ideal network. Everyone is using it. Communication gets easier than ever, borders have disappeared and the world feels closer to you. You're even more excited by the fact that everything is in your own hands for free, without paying for its use. Is it so? Is it really free?

The Internet effect on Generation Y (a.k.a Millennials)

WHO are they (we)?

Generation Y, or Millennials, is referring to the demographic of people born between the '80s and the early '00s. It mostly refers to teens and young adults and is considered the most tech-savvy generation. Most of them grew up along with the Internet and this makes them an interesting generation to study on the use of social media.

Facebook Graph Search Includes Posts and Status Updates

Facebook has decided to extend its Graph Search by incorporating on its search engine the ability to look for posts, status updates, or comments.

This makes Graph Search more powerful than ever, since users will be able to find any post/comment of their favorite artist/TV show, they could spot their status updates from last year, or the comments they did. What's more, marketers will have an even better idea of their audience and would be able to trace every single mention of what they are looking for.