Facebook updates page insights

Facebook has decided to give a fresh look to the Insights of the Pages and I just had the first try with them. Although it might take a few weeks to decide on their usefulness, while analyzing the metrics with the new way, the first opinion is definitely positive.

Facebook finally understands what administrators really want from a Page. With several new tabs and more details on each one, you can now examine the time your users usually visit your page, the posts that led to bigger reach or engagement, the kind of posts that are more successful and so many other things.

From now on, you can try the new look and if you're not satisfied, you can go back to the old version. Have a look at the new version, click on some tabs and then let me know, would you go back to the previous version?

How do I get 15000 likes on Facebook?

"I want you to get me 15000 likes for my Facebook page."

If you are a social media marketeer you might have heard this request. If not, then you might be interested in learning how to get 15000 new fans for your Facebook page. 

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I won't help on that. I never supported the fake increase in likes and it doesn't even help a brand at all. When you request such a number of new fans from your social media manager you should keep in mind that these fans will either be fake users (although Facebook is trying to spot this), or users that are probably indifferent for your brand. ROI of social media is not simply measuring the number of fans. And those that do measure it only by these are left on superficial metrics.

As the old saying goes: "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Thus, as you are not advised to judge a book by its cover, you should not judge a social media success by the number of fans. Not at least when they are increased in the middle of the night in a suspicious way. Social media entails the word social in it. You create a social presence in order to promote your brand, gain fans that will become loyal customers and convert promotion into sales. Buying fans will not lead in these results and will only allow you to be proud that you have more fans than your competitors. Is this what you're looking for?

Vine, nice to meet you!

I love trying out emerging social networks and the last one was Vine. I had it installed for some time now, but I never spent any time on it. The first time I logged in, I couldn't even create a "vine" with a significant success.

It didn't seem to me that easy to create a motion picture without the effect of an erthquake (this was the magnitude of my trembling at first). However, I was impressed by the creations of the others. I used to read about the success of Vine, but I wasn't sure whether it is a network that should grab my attention. After all, there are many networks out there and this doesn't mean that we should be part of all. Up to now, I always preferred pictures to videos, but I feel that this might change sooner or later. Times change and we simply adapt to them. People consume endless pictures from their timelines and they seem to need more content. That's why they turn to videos. Vine manages to combine motion with picture and all at a short length, just what is needed to grab our attention and not waste our time. Business owners did realise the potential of Vine and that's why we see many brands already embracing it.

Life without Internet in 2013?

Living in an ever-evolving digital era is interesting and it definitely has changed our lives. We are thrilled by the speed that things are happening and we feel like we want to be part of everything. Losing the Internet connection for a while is a cause of a panic attack and no need to say about being a couple of days far from it. Our digital world has broadened our minds, our limits, our connections. We are facing new opportunities, new goals, new challenges. However, have you ever thought how your life would be if you never had an Internet connection?
Unless you're a teenager now, you should remember the days when Internet was non-existent. We still had the traditional media for our updates, we were still members of the world, but we definitely did not live on today's speeds. 

All these thoughts were just the consequence of a typical encounter to my grandparents and came up after my grandpa was wondering whether his favorite team won the latest game.