Life without Internet in 2013?

Living in an ever-evolving digital era is interesting and it definitely has changed our lives. We are thrilled by the speed that things are happening and we feel like we want to be part of everything. Losing the Internet connection for a while is a cause of a panic attack and no need to say about being a couple of days far from it. Our digital world has broadened our minds, our limits, our connections. We are facing new opportunities, new goals, new challenges. However, have you ever thought how your life would be if you never had an Internet connection?
Unless you're a teenager now, you should remember the days when Internet was non-existent. We still had the traditional media for our updates, we were still members of the world, but we definitely did not live on today's speeds. 

All these thoughts were just the consequence of a typical encounter to my grandparents and came up after my grandpa was wondering whether his favorite team won the latest game.
As a football fan, he used to listen to the games on the radio, since he doesn't have a cable TV, but this time there was a strike on the radio during the last days and he probably didn't catch the sport news on TV.
Suddenly I felt like I was living on a parallel universe. I realised that this would never happen to anyone of us. When we are interested for an update, all we have to do is check our smartphones by the time it is happening and learn everything we want. We are addicted to live streaming on any event, whether it's a sports event, a concert, or unfortunately, a sad story. We can't imagine waiting for the morning paper to learn something new, or even more let the days pass without being informed about it. For my grandparent though, this digital life has stopped in the use of television, while he still tries to use a mobile phone for a simple call. This doesn't mean that he's less interested in an event. And that's what we should all learn from it. It's time to prioritize what's really important in our lives and what is just a distraction. Keep fast only for what's worthy and leave the rest behind.

We all love technology, but let's not be slaves to its use. There's more life out there waiting for us!


*The above picture is my Facebook timeline cover. Unfortunately it is one of these quotes that you can't trace the real source. However, the picture was created by me and you can freely use it!


  1. Oh yes, I always thought technology would give us more time but insteaad it leaves us less time if we become slaves to it.

  2. That's true, Lisa.
    It's up to us then on how to use it!