When was the last time you visited the homepage of a website?

Social networks have significantly changed the way we consume the news and this also has an effect on our news sources.

How many homepages do you visit every day to read the news? You might have a couple of favorite websites that you check from time to time, but in general, do you need to visit a homepage to read the daily news you want?

Post-IPO Twitter: will it lose its identity?

Source: nymag.com
Twitter has gone public and a new era has just started. The problem begins though when it should actually now reach the wider public. There was a big comparison this week with the Facebook IPO time, with many people being unsure on whether Twitter can really make it big.

It's good to evolve and seek to reach a bigger audience, but are you really capable of doing it? Most of us know that Twitter is very useful for being updated on important news almost in real-time, but we still admit that it hasn't reached the popularity of Facebook, not even close (which isn't necessarily bad for all of us that hate something when its goes big). How does it evolve then from now on?