How to add a video on Pinterest

Did you know that you can add video on Pinterest? I didn't!

As it seems, Pinterest is not just for sharing pictures, but also for sharing videos. This allows Pinterest to attract even bigger audience, by creating video boards with their content. Except for the common users that will enjoy creating boards with their favourite singers and movies, it can also serve as a great marketing idea, for those that promote their brands/content on Youtube, for example.

All you have to do is use the "Pin it" button and share any video you want, in any of your boards. You can also upload your own videos, by using "Add" and "Upload" on Pinterest.

Enjoy that great feature then!


Do you watch TV without using social media?

How many times do you watch a TV show or go to a movie theater and feel the need to let your friends know about it on Facebook and Twitter?

Social networks have become part of our daily routine, in a way that we may not even realize our addiction to them. It's like feeling "obliged" to review a movie we just saw on Facebook or Twitter. Even though it might not affect many friends of us, we still want to do it.

 According to a recent poll published on Hollywood Reporter and conducted by Penn Schoen Berland, 88% of participants consider the use of social media as a form of entertainment.

What's more, while watching TV, 79% of them visit Facebook, 83% is surfing on the Internet and 41% tweet about the show they're watching. After all, there is a trend to comment live on a tv show you're watching, mostly on Twitter, with the use of hashtags.

It is estimated that we spend per week:
  • 8 hours visiting social networking sites
  • 8 Hours listening to music
  • 7 Hours Watching full-length television shows
  • 4 Hours Watching full-length movies
  • 4 Hours Watching video clips (e.g. on YouTube)
  • 4 Hours Instant messaging

It's well known that social media are a big part of our weekly free time. Entertainment industry knows it,too and that's why tv and movie marketing is getting more social than ever.

As for the multitasking, we can't get away with it. We're used to it and we have to live with it. With the rise of social media, watching a TV show without Twitter may be boring. And if you haven't tried it yet, you'll understand what I'm talking about when you do!

How do you spend your time online?

We all spend many hours surfing on the Internet, but which activity is the most time consuming for our daily routine?

It depends on your age, your interest, the reason you are mostly using the Internet and of course the time of the day you are surfing.

For example, when I wake up I spend most of my online time reading the news,answering to my emails and checking my social networks for any new notifications. Afterwards, I get more creative and more professional, finishing all the tasks I have for the day. At night, I prefer to entertain myself by watching tv series, a funny video, or playing some online games. Needless to say that social networking is on my browser's tabs the whole day. 

According to the infographic by Go-Gulf, people spend their time on Internet for:
  • Social Networking
  • Searches
  • Reading Content
  • Emails/Communication
  • Multimedia Sites
  • Online Shopping

All in all, our online activities vary during the day, although some of them are common for most of us. Which activity of the ones mentioned in the infographic would you choose as the most common during your day?

(I'm picking social networking)

Infographic Source

Are we obsessed with Klout score?

Klout score has been very popular between social media enthusiasts (just like me) for some time now, as it becomes a way to measure our influence through social networks. Although its measuring criteria are questionned, it is still considered a useful tool for many social media addicts, marketers, and employers.

What's more, Klout fills our need to rank ourselves and our influence, anticipating every day to see whether we have improved on the scale. It's like ratings on TV and sales on magazines. Once you start, you can't ignore it anymore. That's why I am checking my Klout score every day, checking my profile analysis, even though I'm not really sure of its usefulness. We all know that it does not reflect our total social media presence, but can you ignore it? Can you check your score for once and never do it again? It's addictive!

Analytics are part of our lives. If it wasn't for Klout, we would be checking different rankings. Maybe we need a better measurement of our social media presence, but we surely want to have one!

*If you want to read more about Klout score and its meaning, check Wired's interesting article What Your Klout Score Really Means
** Gina Carr also wrote about Klout and what counts on our score on What does Klout Count when they Compute Your Klout Score?
*** What's your Klout score? 
**** I told you, I'm checking my Klout every day. Why not help each other? +K me 

Where should I post my status?

If you just came up with a cool status and want to share it with your friends and followers, you need to choose carefully which site to choose, depending on your audience.

Is it a professional status? Is it a joke? Are you addicted to likes? Are you addicted to statuses?
Not posting the status is an option, too! :)

*Image source: Screenwerk