Are we obsessed with Klout score?

Klout score has been very popular between social media enthusiasts (just like me) for some time now, as it becomes a way to measure our influence through social networks. Although its measuring criteria are questionned, it is still considered a useful tool for many social media addicts, marketers, and employers.

What's more, Klout fills our need to rank ourselves and our influence, anticipating every day to see whether we have improved on the scale. It's like ratings on TV and sales on magazines. Once you start, you can't ignore it anymore. That's why I am checking my Klout score every day, checking my profile analysis, even though I'm not really sure of its usefulness. We all know that it does not reflect our total social media presence, but can you ignore it? Can you check your score for once and never do it again? It's addictive!

Analytics are part of our lives. If it wasn't for Klout, we would be checking different rankings. Maybe we need a better measurement of our social media presence, but we surely want to have one!

*If you want to read more about Klout score and its meaning, check Wired's interesting article What Your Klout Score Really Means
** Gina Carr also wrote about Klout and what counts on our score on What does Klout Count when they Compute Your Klout Score?
*** What's your Klout score? 
**** I told you, I'm checking my Klout every day. Why not help each other? +K me