How do you spend your time online?

We all spend many hours surfing on the Internet, but which activity is the most time consuming for our daily routine?

It depends on your age, your interest, the reason you are mostly using the Internet and of course the time of the day you are surfing.

For example, when I wake up I spend most of my online time reading the news,answering to my emails and checking my social networks for any new notifications. Afterwards, I get more creative and more professional, finishing all the tasks I have for the day. At night, I prefer to entertain myself by watching tv series, a funny video, or playing some online games. Needless to say that social networking is on my browser's tabs the whole day. 

According to the infographic by Go-Gulf, people spend their time on Internet for:
  • Social Networking
  • Searches
  • Reading Content
  • Emails/Communication
  • Multimedia Sites
  • Online Shopping

All in all, our online activities vary during the day, although some of them are common for most of us. Which activity of the ones mentioned in the infographic would you choose as the most common during your day?

(I'm picking social networking)

Infographic Source


  1. Nice infographic. I love them. The percentage of time spent online reflects the current activities: social media and search are currently those more productive su take advantage of the web opportunities. Thanks for sharing Tereza.