Content Manager, Editor, Social Media Manager
They say that you're not working on marketing, if you don't promote yourself properly.

Although this might be true, it doesn't fit for myself. I personally prefer to promote the services I provide and focus on how I can help you, rather than generally speaking about me in a whole website. And that's why I created "Discussing Social Media" as a way to discuss with others my passion about digital media and social networks. 

If you're still interested about me though, and you might be since you clicked on the "About Me" section, my name is Tereza.

I was born in Greece, I studied English Language and Culture in Athens and did my MA in Translation in the UK. I started as a blogger for my own personal interest on the Internet by creating 'Ourgreektv', was hired as a journalist for a big Greek website, this led to another Greek website and that's when I started with social media. I started working as a social media associate for Gina Carr and this was the beginning of a great journey. Time after time I developed my skills, gained significant experience by daily practice and reading and learned very important insights from professionals.

Since then, I've worked for:

If you would like to help you on:
  • Content Management
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Blogging
  • Editing
feel free to contact me!