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 'Social Media in 2014'
2013 has been a significant year for social media and we definitely have many things to remember. Milestones have been reached, records have been broken, and we’re now welcoming 2014, trying to predict what the future holds.

We might not have any magical powers to predict the future, but it gets easier if you monitor several social networks during the last years to predict their performance on the coming months.
 Buy 'Social Media in 2014' now!Thus, after reading a lot about social media during the past years, I created an ebook with a short review of the past year for each social network, along with my estimates of the year ahead. 

'Social Media in 2014' is short and informative and addresses anyone that uses social media, either for personal or professional reasons. From casual Facebook users to business owners that want to leverage the online presence of their business, anyone can benefit from a part of it.

Although everything happened quite fast, it was a great process creating an ebook, with all the problems that arise in the procedure. Your reviews would be appreciated on Amazon and any opinion is welcome!

'Social Media in 2014' is FREE for Wednesday January 8, so make sure you grab the deal!

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