Facebook updates page insights

Facebook has decided to give a fresh look to the Insights of the Pages and I just had the first try with them. Although it might take a few weeks to decide on their usefulness, while analyzing the metrics with the new way, the first opinion is definitely positive.

Facebook finally understands what administrators really want from a Page. With several new tabs and more details on each one, you can now examine the time your users usually visit your page, the posts that led to bigger reach or engagement, the kind of posts that are more successful and so many other things.

From now on, you can try the new look and if you're not satisfied, you can go back to the old version. Have a look at the new version, click on some tabs and then let me know, would you go back to the previous version?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tereza, I like the way we can get a simple "at a glance" look and then click through for more detailed stats.