Vine, nice to meet you!

I love trying out emerging social networks and the last one was Vine. I had it installed for some time now, but I never spent any time on it. The first time I logged in, I couldn't even create a "vine" with a significant success.

It didn't seem to me that easy to create a motion picture without the effect of an erthquake (this was the magnitude of my trembling at first). However, I was impressed by the creations of the others. I used to read about the success of Vine, but I wasn't sure whether it is a network that should grab my attention. After all, there are many networks out there and this doesn't mean that we should be part of all. Up to now, I always preferred pictures to videos, but I feel that this might change sooner or later. Times change and we simply adapt to them. People consume endless pictures from their timelines and they seem to need more content. That's why they turn to videos. Vine manages to combine motion with picture and all at a short length, just what is needed to grab our attention and not waste our time. Business owners did realise the potential of Vine and that's why we see many brands already embracing it.

I don't follow many brands yet, but from the first ones I discovered, I'm impressed with the use of Vine by  "Usa Today". They're creating a vine everyday to promote their newspaper cover, in a way that gives you exactly what you want. You're not satisfied anymore by just a newspaper cover and they manage to provide you with all the head news in just a few seconds. 

As it seems, Vine does not limit our creativity with the time constraint, but on the contrary, it challenges it. We are asked to find new ways to promote our content, or even have fun. Just like Twitter, when we were asked to express oursleves in just 140 characters, Vine sets us a new goal. If you reach it, you'll be part of this new success. If not, then you're becoming old-fashioned!
*I just created a Vine with my blogpost. Find me (@terezalitsa) and rate me! I know it's not a masterpiece!

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