Does Facebook Graph Search change the way we choose?

Graph Search is a new feature that was introduced by Facebook as a way to take the searching to a new level, allowing us to search anything we want in a much easier way. That's the good side of the new service. But since nothing is heavenly sent, there is always another side to examine.

When I first tried Graph Search, I was happy that Facebook seemed to make a present to the marketers, allowing them to have a clearer view on their target audience. However, it was only yesterday when I just clicked on the search box and noticed this pop-up below:

Facebook has created some pre-determined suggestions for us, which can be considered either as useful, or as scary. For a moment, I was not sure whether I like these suggestions or not. 

Hence, after some thought and research, I've noticed that there are two opposing sides on the usefulness of Graph Search. According to the side you're picking, here's your possible reaction to the introduction of Graph Search:

1) "Thanks, Graph Search! I needed some help with what to search, what to watch and what to play. If my friends have some things to suggest me, why not try them? It's all about word of mouth, after all!"

2) "Do you mean to tell me Facebook that your Graph Search will determine my choices on movies, games, or new additions of friends? What do you mean by "movies I might like"? How do you know my likes? And what do you mean with "Games my friends play"? Do I have to play what my friends are playing? Why are you labelling me without even realizing it?"

Can you relate with one of these sides?

As you can understand, both sides are (more or less) exaggerating. As I said at the beginning, every new thing has both sides. It's up to you to decide how you'll use it. If you're constantly liking new movies, games, artists, etc, then you must be prepared to see more suggestions. Then it's up to you to choose whether you'll keep the choice for yourself, or you'll ask Graph Search for help.

As you can see, you still have the power of choice!

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