Chrome's multiple users: the secret weapon for every social media manager!

Chrome has finally found a way to turn me into a loyal user of their popular browser. It might not be a new discovery, but I was impressed lately with the ability to add multiple users.

I must admit that I was always a Firefox user, with an occasional use of Chrome. However, I always had the problem with the numerous accounts I was handling for my clients, looking for a way to organize them, without logging out each and every time. I tried to install several browsers, but by the time I was obliged to use Internet Explorer for my every day use, I knew that I had to find a more functional way. Then I read about the managing of multiple users on Google Chrome, which allows you to create as many users as you want, add their log in details and simply switch from one another, without losing any passwords, tabs, favorites, or bookmarks. Hence, it's like your having numerous browsers all in one, with all the plugins that Chrome supports anyway. This was like gift!

I'm finally able to juggle from user to user all day long, without having to type all the passwords again, or having to adjust the settings. If you haven't tried it yet, it's very easy to set and even easier to switch from one user to another. Here is the full guidance by Google Chrome help, in order to check all the steps.

TIP: For even quicker access, define through the settings the pages that will open for each user, choosing either by the last visited ones, or the ones you always need for each user. It will save you even more time!

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