Tumblr announces the #music tag

Tumblr has decided to expand into the music industry, by creating an exclusive tag for music searching. With the use of #music and also the url http://music.tumblr.com/, they are creating a whole new world for them, which might be the key to their expanding success.

Here's their announcement:

"After hearing much demand from the bloggers and fans on Tumblr, we have finally launched a #music tag page. 
Track the new tag to stay up on the best new music, videos, artwork and photos on Tumblr, hand-picked by members of the community. The tag editors come from different areas of the music world, and all share a common passion for the sport.
In addition, we are announcing this new blog, music.tumblr.com, where you can find out about everything that is going on with music on Tumblr—product announcements, new bands and blogs to follow, tips for artists and music bloggers, and shout outs to unique posts we find on Tumblr. When a band does something awesome, we’ll point it out. Also, we’re planning some shows and events for you. Follow the music hub so you don’t miss out on the fun. 

To track the #music tag:
1. Type “music” in the search box on your dashboard.
2. You’ve landed on the page. Now click “track.” Come back and visit anytime. "

The competition in digital music is increasing once again. There are so many platforms to discover new music and artists. The thing is, which one do you prefer and how willing are you to try a new one?