Don't you have a Facebook account??

I was writing an article the other time about social media, commenting on Pinterest and its referral traffic. Suddenly I realized that not everyone is aware of what I'm talking about. We might take some things for granted, but there are other readers out there who have no idea of advanced terms. And they don't have to! Don't fall into the trap of pretending to be an expert on a topic. Even if you know some things, remember the importance of sharing knowledge, especially on such topics. 

Not everyone is exposed to social media. Not everyone is a social media addict. There might be a time though that s/he wants your advice. It's your chance to prove that all your knowledge can be explained even to someone that has no idea of what Facebook is. Of course there are people out there that don't use Facebook. And by the time we overcome our shock ("don't you have a facebook account??") we try to be as simple as possible.

 I spent the other day a couple of hours, trying to explain to a friend the difference between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. How do you distinguish them? Which one do I have? How to promote a product? How to find my friends? How to keep it private? If it is a personal relationship, try to be patient and keep explaining every little detail, even a hundred times. If it's a professional relationship, try to be even more patient and keep explaining again and again, even a thousand times.

(or maybe stop giving advices from now on and hide from friends and relatives)

* I wish I could provide the dialogues I had while explaining on Facebook profile and page, but I'd better keep them private :)

** After passing this patience test, I think I should launch Facebook 101 tips. For any question, just ask me :)



  1. My question: How can I change a URL that was set up by mistake. If you have any direction on changing this I'll welcome it.

    1. What kind of url is it? You mean on a blog post for example?

    2. Maybe they are asking about the Facebook url for their personal account or page?

    3. Not sure if you mean this. I know a lot of friends that have problem with that too and couldn't change it.

  2. Very nice post Tereza. Social media is a wonderful way to make new friends all over the world and share so much.