How often do you check your emails?

There are many people out there, myself included, that consider their emails to be on top priority, feeling the need to check for new mails every minute. I know, you might be waiting for an important message, but what happens if you don't and still check your messages anxiously? 

This is one of the common "diseases" of the human world. We have the tendency to consider whatever we are doing as highly important, as something that cannot be postponed. We know that it's not true, but we always present it that way to the others. How many hours can you survive without checking for new mails? How many people will miss you if you are absent for a day? Think carefully before answering. Or even doing the test. You might be disappointed. 

Before reaching that stage, start setting priorities; the real priorities, not the ones you used to have. Stop having your email on an open tab 24/7. I am not suggesting to avoid communication. I am just suggesting to balance your routine. Even the email routine can change you. And I'll try to start first!
(I WILL try!)

*Source image: Forbes