Blogger comments integrate Google Plus for your own good!

One thing I love about using Blogger for my articles is the integration it features with Google+. Google wanted to cross-use their services- in order to promote G+, but also in order to broaden our reach in an easy way.

Hence, when using Blogger as a platform, you don't need to worry on the commenting system, on whether to install Discqus, Livefyre or any other service. All you have to do is use your Google+ account and just like that, the comment you make also appears on Google's social network.
This is perfect for the promotion of your post, both from the side of the post's author, but also from the reader's side. Just like that, all I have to do is click on my post and I can see the comments/shares on Google+ and even reply or +1 directly from the post.

Tip of the day: Google takes into serious consideration your Google+ use and it can significantly enhance your ranking on its search. Google Authorship is another option you should consider, especially if you want to increase the visibility of your posts. I've noticed it recently in action and I'm really glad I'm using Google+! Is there an easier way to showcase your sample and your profile on Google searches?

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