How to use Gmail tabs properly

If you are a Gmail user, you must have already used the new feature of tabs that splits your messages into categories, according to their type of mail. This feature was introduced by Google in order to help us organize our mails, without feeling overwhelmed  by them.

And it actually kept its promise. If you spend some time to organize your tabs with the appropriate mails, you are able to set a priority for each tab and check it accordingly. Hence, you can only check your "Primary" tab during the day and maybe have a look on the "Promotions" on your spare time. However, there is always the danger of the wrong category, which might cost you with a delayed answer to an important mail. What's more, if you are a control freak, just like me, how long can you leave this sign of a new mail (even in an other tab) without opening? 

New Gmail is trying to show us a new way to use our inbox and it is a step forward. If we adapt to it, we'll explore its benefits. Since then, we'll be more careful for the organizing of the tabs and we'll try to win our obsession with any notification that pops up.

Last but not least, we should not forget the marketing perspective of this new feature. It has been observed that the tabs have reduced the open rate for the promotional emails, which does make sense, since Promotions are on a tab on their own, and we usually assume that it's the tab with the least important mails. However, this tab is not only about promotions, but it's also about our subscriptions, which are now more frequently ingored. Thus, now that the Gmail user is becoming more demanding with the choice of the mails that will open, marketers face a new challenge, on how to grab their attention.

Let's get now to your experience. Have you noticed a decrease in the number of mails that you're reading after the tabs feature? Are you satisfied with it?

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